Rebuilding Travel – Travel and Tourism Industry grassroots initiative

Tourism shows resilience from the top down

Rebuilding.travel  provides a channel for top leaders in the travel and tourism industry to interact with motivated stakeholders in an informal setting. It’s all about finding workable solutions for the relaunch of the travel and tourism industry in times of the ongoing Coronavirus epidemic.

After #RebuildingTravel was announced by this publication just a week ago, this grass route movement has already participants from 80 countries on all continents.

#RebuildingTravel was inspired by the very successful Project Hope Travel initiative by the African Tourism Board. Rebuilding.travel is launched in cooperation with the  US, Belgium, Seychelles, and Indonesia based International Coalition of Tourism Partners.

Stakeholders include leaders from large and small companies in the tourism industry, associations, universities, consultants and journalists.

“This situation is everyone’s business and only a team effort between established and emerging leaders can be successful,” said  Juergen Steinmetz, chairman of ICTP. Steinmetz is also CEO of the  TravelNewsGroup the publisher of eTurboNews. He added “There are certain activities we can do to prepare for the rebuilding of our industry. There are many other realities beyond our control.  We only plan to concentrate on issues our group may be able to shape and benefit from.”

Rebuilding.travel is an informal,  grassroots organization, and will be shaped by those actively involved.

D.M. / eTurboNews

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